The TPNPB OPM’s Diplomatic Council Chairman welcomed The UNITED NATIONS SECRETARY-GENERAL ANTÓNIO GUTERRES’s Action Agenda On Internal Displacement”

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We fully support United Nations’ Secretary General calling on the UN’s Country representative office to engage with national and local authority across the globe to give humanitarian access for assistance on their basic needs on June 2022 as part of his new approach. Chairman of the Diplomatic Council of the TPNPB OPM welcomed his positive plan, Akouboo Douw said this is a very amicable method for trying to resolve the human security and safety matter for all of us. In West Papua case what we have seen that there was lacked and misrepresented by the United Nations Coordination Office in Jakarta to do humanitarian work and report over Internally Displaced Person in West Papua. see the source here:

Indonesia did not allow International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and other local humanitarian workers resulted over thousands kids and mothers died since 2018 until today. The TPNPB OPM was very keen to support these international humanitarian assistance; TPNPB always protect and allow these humanitarian aid worker to help and safe those internally displaced person. International community and world government body need to condemn this Indonesian authority and push them harder to allow those humanitarian aid worker freely to do their mission in Intan Jaya, Maybrat, Ndguma, Puncak and Pegunungan Bintang.

We believe about 200 West Papuan Externally Displaced Person in Papua New Guinea. They fled after Indonesian forces dropped Bomb Mortar in Kiwirok 2021. Now they are living in the forest due to lack of humanitarian assistance but also do advocacy the course.

World Humanitarian Day on 19 August 2022 that we have celebrated but not many countries were involved especially those rich ones. Hence, UN need extra energy to engage with richest nations. West Papuan people celebrated this day with very painful, this is very painful day for those who are living under tyranny of colonialism.

Inside West Papua's Forgotten Refugee Camps
West Papuan’s internally Displaced Person in the Camp

We are deeply calling again to the International Community and United Nations Need To Push Indonesian authority Allow International Humanitarian Aid in West Papua!

Chairman of Diplomatic Council of the Free Papua Movement /TPNPB OPM

Akouboo Amatus Douw

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