TPNPB-OPM destroyed the operations of Indonesian company PT BANGUN KAYU IRIAN


Location: Regional Command VI SORONG RAYA Operation:


Sorong Raya December 1, 2021 Operational Commander VI Sorong Raya, Arnoldus Kocu, reported to the management of the TPNPB-OPM National Headquarters that due to security conditions did not carry out a flag ceremony, but instead took direct action and burned and destroyed PT. BANGUN KAYU IRIAN operations in Sorong Raya,

Items that are burned are:

1. PT. Build Irian Wood

2. Eight houses/barracks Base camp PT. Build Irian Wood.

3. 1 unit excavator.

4. Doser 1 unit.

5. 1 unit Hartop car.

6. Machine 1 unit

7. 1 unit light engine, and then Arnold Kocu said that our action is a form of rejection of development or any company operating in Papua.

The reason we burned this company is because this company has been operating for a long time from the Kamundan River upstream to downstream. And the owner of the company is a member of the TNI Indonesian military. We have received a report from the TPNPB-OPM Papua Intelligence Service (PIS) that the West Papuan people refuse this operation on their land.


 1. We commemorate the historic day of the Papuan people, namely the independence of the Republic of West Papua 1 December 1961;

 2. We reject all forms of development in Papua and we will take the same action again to destroy all foreign logging / mining interests;

 3. We reject all development, logging and mining in Papua and demand our rightful independence.

We reject all expansion of Indonesian districts, regencies and provinces, and request international intervention.


West Papua National Liberation Army National Command.


General Goliath Tabuni

National operations commander

Major General Lekakak Telenggen

Sorong Raya Commander

Brigadier Denny Mos

Forwarded to all parties by the Spokesperson for KOMNAS TPNPB OPM Sebby Sambom, thank you for the good cooperation.

You can see here the video: The TPNPB OPM Kodap IV SORONG Maybert 2021 – YouTube

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